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Friday, 29 March 2013

LA PLAGNE: An internet tour

UPDATED 2/10/14: 

No visitor to Les Arcs should go home without spending some time over at La Plagne. It's apparently the world's most frequented ski resort, with 2.5 million visitors last season. And it's feeling happy:

The resorts are in some ways very similar to Les Arcs, but do have a different atmosphere, terrain, history.  And, despite recent improvements on the arcadien side of the valley, La Plagne wins hands down on having many more places to eat.  Plus, we have the epic logo:

Click here for a quick overview
of the resort's history

Here are some links:

Official website (English version)

http://www.perso-laplagne.fr/ (in French). A wonderful site, full of news, history, photos

Accommodation in Plagne 1800. Along with Champagny this is arguably the nicest place to stay - very handy, but slightly away from it all

The Where to Ski and Snowboard guide to La Plagne

The We Love 2 Ski guide to La Plagne

Summer Walking via The Independent newspaper

Plus, from this blog:

New lifts for La Plagne, including the Montalbert gondola - now delayed.  For an April 2014 update, click here, and to read about the criticism the resort has received for the Bellecote queues click here.  Update Sept 2014 here.

Guide to La Plagne, the Everton of skiing

La Plagne, No1 in L'Equipe's Top 50

La Plagne's 50th birthday

A brief history of La Plagne (Part 1)

A brief history of La Plagne (Part 2)

The bobsleigh track below Plagne1800

La Plagne's 2000m descent, from the Glacier to Montchauvin

Les Arcs v La Plagne: head-to-head

Les Arcs v La Plange: le marketing

The Tour de France and La Plagne

The Vanoise Express

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